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Hey, I'm Bhakti Al Akbar

UI Developer and Designer


One day at a programming class in my college, I saw a friend made a blink animation with blink element. It was the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life. Since then, I started learning web programming and then focused on web animation.

Currently, I work from home at Icreon as a front-end developer. I also run a blog called that teaches how to build interactive UI animation.


I love to combine minimal UI and playful graphics to make an appealing experience. Check out some quick videos of my recent works below.

  • SVG Morphing Line • Demo
  • Facebook Live Interaction • Demo
  • Mario Drag and Drop Game • Demo
  • Elastic Fire • Demo

You can see my other experiments on my CodePen.


In many projects that I've worked on, I contributed to develop the UI and make sure the animation works flawlessly.