Bhakti's photograph

Bhakti Al Akbar

UI Engineer/Designer


I’m a Front-End Developer with extensive experience in HTML/CSS, SVG, vanilla JavaScript, and React.js. I also have a great sense of visual design and UI animation.

I live in Indonesia (GMT+7) and work as a remote developer for a New York-based agency. And oh, here's my resume.


I love to combine minimal UI and playful graphics to make an interactive experience. Check out some quick videos of my recent works below.

  • SVG Morphing Line • Demo
  • Facebook Live Interaction • Demo
  • Mario Drag and Drop Game • Demo
  • Elastic Fire • Demo
  • Animated Emojis • Demo
  • Traveloka Logo Animation • Demo

You can see more of my animation works on my CodePen or Dribbble.


My primary skill is to develop UI and animations with HTML/CSS, SVG, Canvas, and JavaScript. But I've also worked in backend environment before, such as PHP and Node.js.

  • Icreon project is a company profile website with interactive experiences.
  • Icreon project is a side project where I do animation experiments and explain how the code works.
  • project is a landing page with parallax effect and animated SVG characters.
  • Jirapp project
    Jirapp is a desktop app built with Electron framework and node.js. Watch the demo.